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Yoni Reflexology:
The Ancient Taoist Practice For Sexual Healing

Taoists believe the sexual organs to be the root of all life. Sexual energy flowing through our acupressure meridians translates to optimal health in body, mind and spirit. In reflexology, you press certain acupressure points to heal corresponding organs – but according to the Tao, the most powerful ones are in the vagina, aka the Yoni. Once these reflexology points are stimulated and given proper circulation and attention, you are opening yourself up to a whole new world of pleasure as well as optimal vaginal and physical health.

Yoni Reflexology


The sexual region reflects different organs - the bottom of the vaginal canal, or the G-spot area, is connected to the kidneys, a little higher, and the middle part is connected to the liver. Gentle massaging of these spots not only improves the physical health of the various organs, but also keeps the emotional centers open. For example, gently massaging the cervix, which is connected to the heart, can be a profoundly healing experience, opening a woman's heart so that she is better able to receive and give love.

One of the oldest Taoist exercises for stimulating the yoni reflex points is the yoni massage. Yoni massage exercises are one of the most natural and easiest ways to stimulate these reflexology points. The masseuse specialized in this gently massages and awakens the prana (life energy) in the reflexology points, and begins to strengthen the muscles. Breathing cleans the energy blocks.

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