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Prostate massage

Health benefits of prostate massage:

Prostate massage means the massaging and stimulation of the prostate.

It may occur that one is able to reach orgasm simply through the massaging of the prostate,

as this point is like the G-spot for women. On the other hand, a function in health

preservation is attributed to it.  It is important to know that a secretion is discharged from

the prostate when it is massaged and this may help to keep the spermiducts “clean” and

remove stagnant fluid. Because the prostate is located rather in the posterior part of the

abdominal cavity, the prostate is stimulated through the rectum or the perineum.

It's positive effects

Prostate massage can be considered not only as a source of pleasure but also as a therapy,

as in some cases it can be very helpful in regaining health or the service can be employed as

a form of prevention.

In here I have collected those areas where men who regularly receiving prostate massages

have reported improvement after a few sessions.

Which problem are you suffering from?

Painful erection

Massage facilitates the flow of fluid in the reproductive organs, which is good because

ejaculation may be accompanied by discomfort or pain due to the lumps developing in the

prostate. Fine movements help to eliminate these.


Erectile dysfunction

In the era preceding modern treatments, prostate massage was applied to men suffering

from this condition. Some people still use it nowadays, either in combination with other

methods or independently.

The issue of urination

The prostate is located around the urethra. Therefore, it is understandable that in the event

of inflammation or enlargement, the flow of urine may be disturbed. However, prostate

massage can eliminate part of the swelling, which improves the flow of urine.



Before antibiotic and special treatments, massage was also used as a standard therapeutic

procedure. Of course, medicine has been developing in the meantime, widening the range

available. Although in cases of acute inflammation I do not recommend prostate massage.

If you have never received prostate massage - these 6 things are good to know


You are not alone with your curiosity

According to a survey, 80% of women would agree to massage their partner’s prostate. So

it is easy to imagine that your partner is also open to it.


Shame is simply a thing of the past

You no longer have to worry about what others may think. But if you are embarrassed by

bringing up this topic, you should relax because 71% of the men living in relationships

have already dared to face this issue. So believe me, this topic is not at all as embarrassing

as you think.

Enhances male orgasm

Also, a survey has shown that men who receive a little massage during foreplay experience

stronger orgasms – because it stimulates the penis. How much stronger? Experience has

shown it to be with 33% – although we think it says more than a few numbers if you try and

experience it yourself.

Erection will be stronger

At least that is what those concerned have reported. Needless to say, this is all good for

your partner as well.

Helps to prevent prostate hyperplasia and cancer

Because prostate massage helps to get rid of the fluid that is produced in the gland, which is

responsible for the enlargement of the prostate.

Helps to prevent erectile dysfunction

This effect is due to blood entering the penis – making it an excellent tool for combating


Symptoms of prostate hyperplasia:

frequent urinary urgency

urine is excreted in a thin jet, sometimes it stops and then starts again

urine retention in the bladder

dripping after urination

Before starting any treatment, should it be medicinal or alternative therapy, it is important

to consult a specialist to establish an accurate diagnosis. The results of the studies requested

by the specialist will reveal whether benign prostatic hyperplasia or prostate cancer can be

found in the background of the symptoms.

The prostate massage I provide does not involve any pain, I work with a unique technique

that is more spoiling than unpleasant. I highly recommend it to every man over 30, not only

for maintaining his health but also for its strong potency boosting effect. Research has

 shown that regular ejaculation in men (at least 4 per day) reduces the chance of developing

prostate cancer because on these occasions the deposited carcinogens are excreted from the


Every prostate massage is done under sterile conditions, with rubber gloves and special oils

and creams. This massage technique does not involve any pain, it is rather of spoiling


The massage is done by hand and contains no sexual services!

Dangers of prostate massage

In cases of acute prostate inflammation, prostate massage is strictly forbidden as the

inflammation can easily spread in the body!

Prostate massage cannot be performed as an independent massage, but it is an ideal preparation for the sexual healing process during tantric or lingam massage.

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