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Advanced Level Tantra Massage with Tundi

Are you looking for mutual massage, touch experiences?
Touch is one of our main love languages if we do it with respect and love. The main purpose of this sessions is to help you relax and release the tensions and lack of energy stored in your body. For some reason, you want to be able to give and receive a massage, and that's okay. Mutual touch and relaxation will take you away from the rush of everyday life into a relaxed, calm state of energy. With deep trance breathing, all your cells are cleansed and renewed. An essential experience for my businessman clients. After this massage, it is easier to make any difficult decisions in business life. But even if you work in the healthcare profession, this session is very useful for you.


It is important how you touch, how you touch your partner and what you convey with that touch. What kind of a mental/spiritual state are you in and what kind of feelings do you cause in those you touch. Everything and everyone is energy. We were born to channel this energy and experience unconditional love, happiness, and harmony. There are situations so that we can learn to become better spiritually through them. Tantra shows us exactly how we can clean and keep ourself, our physical system, and our mind clean and in balance. Touch shows us how we can get to ourselves, to our center, to our peace. The purpose of life is not the accumulation of wealth, the pursuit of sexual experiences, but the forgiveness of ourselves, situations and our fellow human beings, and the flow of love within ourselves and everywhere.Learning, experiencing, and channeling spirituality is a deeper experience, experience, and healing than any fast, slow, long, wild sex. Because the path itself is the love you experience in yourself for yourself and the feeling you experience. In this process, we slowly move towards ourselves. Step by step, we get to know our limits, which we remove if we don't need them, and we create understanding, reassurance, and new energies. As I said, these experiences are deeper and more sacred than sexual intercourse. These are sacred moments. We let each other into our most intimate personal sacred space INTO OUR SOUL. That's why we value and respect each other so much during the session.I can show you this path if you are also on this path. If forgiveness, self-love,healing is the path you are on and you want to become an even better person, Tantric energy flow will show you a new path.

- You can learn on this beautiful spiritual-peaceful path how to connect with yourself and reach the state of emptiness and love. I will show you and support you. If you experience and learn this path and the changes start in your life, you can be a support for your partner and renew your relationship to a higher vibrational level or start a much better relationship than it was before.
- During mutual touches, you can learn how to flow life energy
-You can learn how to receive energy from others.
– You can learn how to touch in a way that your receiving partner can also enjoy it. Because it matter how you touch, with what kind of energy. We always consider the partner's needs, never what we want or can provide.

As I thought this through- that I would teach you and be present with you as a supporter on this journey, I would share with you a part of my body, my knowledge- I realized how much value lies in this and what you can get if you choose this session.
From 2017 until now, you were present at my sessions as a passive receiver, and now you will be present as an active receiver and provider. I am very excited and looking forward to the experience with you. So if you would like, the massage and energy flow will be mutual during this session.
- Our meeting at the session is based on the flow of respectful, wonderful love and sexual energies, free of eroticism and free of sexual intercourse, where we resolve energy blocks, traumas, illness energies, and lack of self-confidence that have been deposited in your body for a long time.
-When you feel that you were not or are not good enough, you are not enough, you are not satisfied with yourself, you cannot operate your sexual energy in your body, therefore you struggle with erectile and ejaculation problems, you are tormented by childhood memories/traumas, you have difficulties in partner relationships, you feel alone , you cannot find joy in your life.
- If you just want to improve, practice the energy flow, Tantra massage.
- In short, you can achieve changes in your body that caused problems until now.
- Relationships, connections, communication, self-acceptance, your mental and physical energy level - your health may improve which you have not experienced before or in a long time.
- You get that kind of lightness in which it is a joy to exist for days - weeks, you feel that you are important to yourself
- You get tools with which you can take control of your life instead of ’drifting with the tide’.
- Trapped energies are released and your energy system is freed.
- Points of view, awareness, and experience with which you can finally discover your own greatness.
- Your relationships/friendships/connections will improve over time.
- You can participate in this erotic-free session without feeling ashamed.

- This session is only open to my dear clients who have participated in Tantra sessions with me at least 3 times.
- He accepts and respects Tündi's rules during the entire process.
-To be aware at all times that the goal is only spiritual experience, self-elevation. To experience calmness, emptiness, peace and inner harmony.
- To be aware that we are going to experience beyond the body and this does not require touching physical body parts (genital areas), massaging with the body, feeling breasts or looking at them.
- Be aware that you should only use the service if you have no ulterior motives and accept that this is not an erotic massage or a sexual service.

-Unsolicited touching, non-compliance with rules, violent behavior lead to immediate termination of the session and the fee is non-refundable. Client will no longer receive treatment at Greenheven massage in the future.
-There is mutual respect and acceptance from both of us the whole time.
-Every encounter is a unique and unrepeatable sacred moment. Let us respect and be grateful that we can experience these moments. A lot of people are lonely and suffer from low energy. Believe me, not everyone is given this opportunity. Be thankful for it.
-If you feel that the time has come to choose development, I look forward to your application.
-THE SESSION CAN ONLY BE BOOKED VIA TEXT MESSAGE. This way I can be sure whether you have been at my Tantra sessions at least 3 times.
-If you are still missing a Tantra session for the required 3 sessions, then take part in those first and then I look forward to seeing you at this session as well. The sessions build on each other, you progress step by step through the levels of development.

The session
-Tantra Ritual, Welcoming the God and Goddess within us. (We're in sarong)
-Breathing, meditation
-We practice mutual energy gathering and energy flow
-Mutual Tantra massage. Don't worry if you don't know how to touch, I will teach you. After all, you come to the session to learn. I'll touch your whole body if you want, including the genitals, but it's not necessary if you don’t wish to include it in your session . You can also touch my body,  NOT included the yoni (female genitalia) and breasts.
- We give each other spiritual meditation massage with while practicing breathing techniques.
-Tantra hug, you may return gentle stroking, touch, energy flow, on the back, arms, abdomen and legs.
-If you wish to include in your session, I will give you a genital area and lingam energetic massage with warm, fragrance-free coconut oil. This is a reflexology massage not aso called ’happy ending’! If ejaculation happens during the massage, don't worry, it's a natural process while working with energies in the area, but we don't work on one purposely. There are times when I recommend ejaculation but purely because it helps us solve blocks, traumas, and illnesses. Illnesess can occure in or around the area of prostate, testicle, kidney, bladder, lung, thyroid gland, digestive system.

At the end of the session, we rest in this wonderful relaxed state, filled with Divine love.

2 hours : $1095 

3 hours : $1395

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