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Energy Male Massage / Intermediate Level (MOST POPULAR)

Giving and receiving love is very important.Choose this treatment if you lack love energy flow, hugs, kindness, nice words, respect. For thisreasonyou really want to give love, not just receive it. This is how energy flow can work in your life.

When these energies are missing, your level of happiness is dropping rapidly and you can  become easily depressed and consider your state hopeless. Stress is constantly accumulating in your everyday life. The purpose of the Greenheaven massage is to help you relax and to slowly reawaken and stream the energy of love in your body. As a result, you can feel happy and well-balanced for weeks.

You come here because you are looking for mutual touch, hugs, gentle loving energies, and pure relaxation. Through deep breaths and my soft touches, you feel that your body and soul are becoming lighter and lighter.

You will feel the up and down movement on our chests as we breathe together and embrace each other. With a soft touch on our arms and back, we fill each other with the energy of blessed infinite love, becoming one with the universe.

We are both naked.

-Mutual Tantric energy flow with touch on arms, back, legs, (I’ll teach you if you don't know how)

- 1-way massage on the whole body

-Genital area and lingam reflexology massage

- Warm fragrance-free coconut oil



Before our session, the preparation of this sacred space takes place with candles, essential

oils, space-purifying incense and soft music to provide proper room for both of us. The

session begins with a short welcoming and energy-cleansing ritual where the energy flow

starts and the stress energies are released from your body.


Please take the time to choose the most suitable length and type of massage.


1 Hour : $350

1,5 Hours : $525

2 Hours : $695

3 Hours : $895

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