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Couple's Relaxing Massage

Green Heaven Massage studio is your personal relaxation place.

 We are specialized in couples massage as well.


Couples massage is our and our clients one of the favorite services right now. Two people are massaged in the same room, at the same time, by two different masseurs. Your partner can be anyone; can be a husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, same-sex partners, family members, best friends.


As for couples massage etiquette, it's fine to talk to each other through the massage if you want, or be quiet the whole time. It's really up to you.


A couples massage is an emotional and physical therapeutic spa treatment that effectively increases the harmony in your body and mind. The unique massage / touch experience helps to refresh and revitalize your body and at the same time bring closeness to each other.


Swedish and relaxation massage are our favorite couple massage. Also we love to use various of essential oils. It stimulates blood circulation and reduces your stress. It removes harmful toxins from your body leaving you fully refreshed. The massage uses some strokes like firm strokes, kneading strokes or circular strokes that relax your body and mind. You and your partner are able to enjoy amazing relaxation during this massage.


Aromatherapy couples massage is a treatment for entire body and it revives your senses with powerful oils. Two masseuse experts provide soft and gentle massage for you and your partner simultaneously. The massage calms your mind and revitalizes your body. It is also possible to get any customized massage using aroma oil according to your need.

60 minutes : $250

90 minutes : $340

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