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Couple's Tantra Massage

If you have already read everything about tantra on the site and want to practice it with your partner, then this session is just for you. You both can relax side by side, rest and achieve onenesswith this infinite Tantric energy. The man’s partner will be Tündi and the lady's partner will be Tom. Opposing energies will constantly enhance and support you in this cathartic and recharging process.

Soft music, fragrant Indian incense, candles and our presence will contributeto these unique, wonderful experiences while we find ourselves in this meditative state of emptiness.



The Tantra massage is a wonderful energetic treatment combined with the soft touch of the meridians.You will be given the yoni and lingam massage according to your prior consent. Please, choose the yoni-lingam massage only if both of you agree with it. You can enjoy a wonderful Tantra session without your genitals being touched. During this process, we will use energy flow, breathing and releasing techniques.

We are waiting for you.

Tundi and Tom

1.5 hours : $600

2 hours : $800

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