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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this An erotic or sex massage?

   No, it’s not an erotic and sex massag!. This massage clears all discomforts, traumas, and      unmanaged insults in your body, as well as the energies trapped in your pelvis. It regularly circulates your energies in your healthy body for the purpose of prevention.


2. What if I have an erection during the massage?

   Tantric massage uses the deepest spiritual techniques and experiences in a higher dimension to release your deeper spiritual powers, involving an erection as the most natural consequence but you’re not expected to have one. We work with energies.


3. What if I ejaculate during the massage?

   This massage aims to release and circulate any blocked energy that lies dormant and suppressed in your body. A physical orgasm may occur but this is not the main goal. Intellectual, spiritual, and physical emotions all play a key role. This level of tantric energy enables your conscience to experience a higher dimension.


4. What does having a trauma or blockage in my body mean? How do I know I have one?

   Any trauma you experience in your life, whether emotional, physiological or mental, as early as your foetal period, has a profound effect on both your body and on your soul and spirit. Through your cellular memory, your body remembers the experiences of your life including shocks. These may be trauma induced diseases or recurring negative situations, sexual problems, gynaecological diseases for women or urological diseases for men.


5. Can I touch the therapist during the massage?

   A gentle and respectful touch is alright but if it’s too much for me, I will let you know. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO TOUCH THE GENITALS! As soon as I feel uncomfortable and you don’t understand this, I will finish the massage.


6. What if I’m alright and only want to try tantric massage?

   Of course, I’m happy to serve you in this case as everybody needs to clear and refill their vital energy and to rise to a higher level of conscience in their life.


7. Can I request a tantric massage with an orgasm?

   If you need one, this therapy is not recommended for you as it is an extremely deep spiritual connection beyond physical experience, which you can get from anyone.

8. What if I don’t think spiritually? Can I also use your service?

   Yes you can use. 

9. For which problems can a tantra massage be indicated?

   In particular, people who are restless, stressed or traumatized, who do not feel well or who experience problems of a relational or sexual nature, may benefit greatly from treatment.

10. Free up energy? What exactly does that mean? Can I feel this?

   Through Ayurvedic massage techniques on the lower abdomen, our energy is awakened. According to the principles of tantra, this energy is directed upwards in the body during the massage, which can cause quite intense sensations. You can describe it as a tingling, a bit like a sleeping arm that suddenly gets a supply of blood again. This feeling can occur all over the body, but usually it is mainly located in the head and arms.

11. How does a tantra massage work?

  1. Welcome + chat (1st time longer)

  2. Change + take a seat in a large towel on the futon (mat)

  3. Back massage (back/legs/feet)

  4. Massage front (chest/abdomen/arms/legs/feet)

  5. Genital zone massage –yoni massage  |lingam massage  (not obligatory!)

12. Yoni massage? I'm not comfortable with this...

   Sometimes it is a big step to allow a stranger to enter your most intimate zone, so this is not a mandatory part. Working with energy can often be done without touching the yoni itself. However, blockades/traumas are often stored in the yoni. After one or more massages, the bond of trust is often large enough to take this step and work more deeply. In short: You decide what can and cannot be done during the massage!

13. What is the minimum age for a tantra massage?

   The minimum age for a tantra massage is 21  years.

14. I really would like the treatment, but I feel guilty because of the genital area/ lingam massage. Am I being unfaithful to my partner? What can I do in this case?

   This treatment is a powerful energetic process. Yes, if you want, the reflexology points of the genitals (yoni,lingam) are also touched. I do not recommend leaving out of this important part of the treatment, because genital area also belongs to your body, it belongs to you. This treatment is similar to an examination by a gynecologist or urologist. The difference is that energetic cleansing and energy flow help to initiate the body's self-healing processes through the cells. Don't be afraid, you won't be cheating on your partner by coming for a session or multiple sessions. We respect the sanctity of your relationship. Feel free to be honest at home, you have nothing to hide if you need help. We look forward to having you on our sessions.

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