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Female Tantric Energy Massage

Female Face Massage

A VIP Service for Yourself

Do you think every woman in this world can be fully feminine in her energies and freely assume her true self? If you think back of your life ever since you were a child, have you been living with a great deal of joy and love and with an energy that has kept you fully feminine? Are your energies flowing freely in your body? Are you leading a life without any diseases? Are you able to tap your potentials in harmony with your partner? If yes, it’s wonderful and go on experiencing yourself and enjoy the flow of energies throughout your body.

But what if none of this applies to you? Because your life is full of trials, perhaps ever since you were a child, or you suffered a trauma as an adult and this hinders your normal life and prevents your femininity? What if you have been hurt, violated, humiliated, lack confidence or have problems with your partner? What if the energies in your body are blocked? What if you’re nervous and tense, struggling with health problems and your previous negative feelings hinder your progress, recovery or accomplishment in your romantic relationship? Or maybe you don’t have a partner for this reason, for being unable to get past your traumas but you’re longing for it? Ladies, I have some good news. There’s a way out of your traumas and you’ll be able to lead a life full of overall energies.

Please make sure you also read my article on tantra to find out more why this massage will be good for you.

We have seven main chakras for the steady flow of vital energy in our body (Prana) but if our physical body is traumatised, we can have blockages in the affected areas. Where you have pains or uncomfortable experiences in your life, my job is to expel those traumas from your body as they block the free flow of prana (vital energy) through the chakras. This is what happens during the process. The massage revitalises your cells from the base chakra to the crown chakra. Your body is a place of conscious energetic work aimed to circulate your primary vital energy in your body. The process is diverse as it operates on a physical, spiritual and intellectual level. Tantric massage restores your harmony, health, and spiritual peace, and changes your sexual life and its quality. You can find out more about yourself, acquire new experiences that you can use for your own and for your partner’s benefit. My gentle touches full of unconditional attention will awake the goddess that lies dormant in you. My touches will transform your sensuous and instinctive desires to a really deep love. By achieving and maintaining an intensive emotional condition, your body is refreshed and rejuvenates as its energy flow becomes intense.

Body, soul and spirit achieve a harmony so you can relate yourself to them in a new way and this road leads to yourself and your femininity in an intimate way and you get a chance to discover things from a new perspective and to become conscious.

What you need to do during the massage

The point about this massage is not to act but to receive the experience. This, in turn, requires a kind of passiveness so that the therapist can focus on you. Tantric massage is not aimed to satisfy a Desire but to discover your body and energy work with the body’s responses to touch.

60 min : $150

90 min : $260

120 min : $350

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