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Sensual Yoni Massage


Taoists believe the sexual organs to be the root of all life. Sexual energy flowing through our acupressure meridians contributes to optimal health in body, mind and spirit. In reflexology, you presscertain acupressure points to heal corresponding organs– but according to the Tao, the most powerful one sarein the vagina ,the so- called Yoni. Once these reflexology points are stimulated and given proper circulation and attention, you are opening yourself up to a whole new world of pleasure as well as optimal vaginal and physical health.


The sexual region reflects different organs - the bottom of the vaginal canal, or the G-spot area, is connected to the kidneys, a little higher, the middle part is connected to the liver. Gentle massaging of these spots not only improves the physical health of the various organs, but alsokeepstheemotionalcentersopen.Forexample,gentlymassagingthecervix,whichis connected to the heart, can be a profoundly healing experience, opening a woman's heart so that she can better receive and give love.

One ofthe oldest Taoist practices for stimulating the yoni reflex points is the yoni massage. Yoni massage practices are one of the most natural and easiest ways to stimulate these reflexology points. The masseur specialized in this, gently massages and awakens the prana

(life energy) in the reflexology points, and begins to strengthen the muscles. Breathing cleans the energy blocks.


Kidney: Symbol of partnership.  It shows your energetic functioning with your partner, yourself or someone else. When the kidney is sick, you may experience fear, guilt, shame, and stiffness.

Liver: If you can not forgive someone or yourself and keep the burdens within yourself. A malignant liver makes you angry, greedy, and frustrated.

Spleen: Related to blood. It keeps your blood flowing. If it doesn’t function well, you may experience stress, worry and anxiety.

Lung: This is the most untouched part of the sexualanatomy, as it is the skin surrounding the cervix, not the cervix itself. If it doesn’t function properly you are sad, you can't express your feelings or maybe you don't even dare it. Maybe you were taken advantage of abandoned, cheated, hurt physically and mentally. Because of these, you feel down, think negatively about yourself and feel hopeless about the things around you.

Heart: This is the cervix itself - if there is instability, impatience, nervousness, haste occurs. Awakening the vaginal tissue through intensive Yoni massage practices can bring out many stagnant emotions that you may have ignored in the past. Old traumas, repressed memories, and energies are stored in the body, and the Yoni is a powerful energy center and creator of new life, which is kept in our reproductive region. Activating these yoni pressure points allow you to heal both physically and emotionally - are you readyto learn?




Choose a date for this massage with minimal or no distractions. Choose an occasion when you really feel the need to come to this type of purification.

If you feel like, you can tune in with a warm bath, yoga or meditation.


Our mind often hides emotions, stress and pain around our hips.  That's why our hips are called the junk drawer or the storehouse of discarded emotions. Hips play a central role in our lives. The major muscle groupsofthe hip flexors, the iliopsoas, sartorius, and rectusfemoris, are responsible for the body's flight, fight and freeze responses. Practicing the hip openers during the Yoni massage can awaken many childhood memories, old traumas, blocks, thought patterns and emotions that need to be worked through and released.

Breathe evenly and pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. If you are feeling too negative, angry or sick, postpone the yoni massage until you feel better. If you are in acceptance with yourself, you will feel the changes inside as well. If you are looking forward with curiosity and love, to this type of self- work, then you are definitely welcome to our sessions.

Are you ready for anexperience?



The yoni massage is not a proper massage, it is part of the Tantra massage. The entire body is treated and the yoni massage can be regarded as the last part of the process.

What is a yoni massage?

Yoni massage is the treatment of the yoni, which is a Sanskrit word that refers to the female genital organ, the vagina.

Why should this zone not be ignored?

  1. The yoni is a very powerful source of energy. When this energy is released and spread through out the body during the massage, you move into a higher vibrational state. This is experienced as a boost of lifeenergy and some people retain this feeling for 2-3 weeks after the massage.

  2. The yoni is structurally located in the woman's body and functions as a reservoir of emotions and traumas. This can lead to blockages and to many common female health problems such as difficulty or lack of orgasm, which is unfortunately more common than you might think. This may come from child or adulthood physical or mental violence.

  3. Once the blockages in and around the yoni are cleared, more connection and feeling will be restored in the yoni. Step bystep, you will learn again to love and respect your complete body.                                        The tantra and yoni massage contain techniques from the ancient Ayurvedic health teachings combined with the knowledge of the sexual component of tantra. In this way a unique fusion of healing (Ayurveda) with awakening and enjoyment (tantra) is created.


Practical Agreements

The GreenHeaven massage studio is a holy Ashram blessed with wonderful energies.


Please always come to the massage studio with clear intentions.


  • Arrive on time at least 5 minutes before the treatment, so that we can keep to the scheduled times.

  • Please respect eachother's boundaries this is crucial forme.

  • Please take a bath or a shower before arrival.

  • If possible do not drink sweet soft drinks, don’t consume largeportions of food, avoid cigarettes, alcohol or drugs 2-3 hours before the treatment

  • If one of them is detected we can not start the session and the treatment must be paid for.

  • If possible, do not have sex or masturbate for 3-5 days before the treatment.

  • Please do not use any perfume or make-up.

  •  If you have long hair, bring a hair tie.

  • I am not naked during the session and I will not have sexual contact with you under any circumstances.

  • Tantra and yoni massage are not aimed at a happyending.

  • Please come to the treatment with 100% clear responsibility. I take no responsibility for any incident caused by a jealous partner.

  • Please pay in advance with a prepaid reservation or by cash or e-transfer. The payment is always done BEFORE the massage, so that you can remain completely relaxed during the treatment and you don’t have to come to your senses immediately.

  • The message of this wonderful treatment is to be connected to others and yourself, to accept yourself and others and last but not least the wonderful experience you go through during such kind of massage.         I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

60 min : $150

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