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Partner Duo Tantra Massage

Many partners want to experience a higher flow of love,elevated energy level in their relationship or just to try something new that will light the fire between them.

My husband and I will give this opportunity to anyone who wants to experience it.

If you’d like, come and try massaging your partner together with a trained Tantra masseuse.You’ll also touch and support your partner in the letting go process and then we’ll fill him/ her with the energy of Divine love.

If you want to share this experience with your partner you can choose our duo tantra massage.

We'll show you how to give a wonderful experience that elevates your relationship.


If the massage is given to the male partner, you’ll support Tündi and ifit is inversely

 you will be Tom's supporter.So, everyone in this process will benefit from a wonderful divine energy.

It is important to know that during and after the massage, no erotic or sexual contact between the partners is allowed. The connection is based and takes place exclusively on Spiritual experiences.



Please comply with the following requests.

Do not have sex or masturbate for at least 3 days before the session.

Do not smoke at least 3 hours before the session.

Do not consume alcohol, drugs or joint one day before the session.

Try to be attuned,in peace, in harmony and talk to each other.

We will support you in everything so that you’ll have a better and deeper experience.

If this type of session is convenient for you, we look forward to welcoming you.

You are going to experience many new good things.


We can offer 2 options

60-minute duo massage : $395

90-minute duo massage : $595

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