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Breast Massage

Why a breast massage?

Breasts come in all sizes, shapes and colors and they are a perfect starting point for women to love their bodies. Unfortunately,
a breast massage all too often has an erotic connotation. However, it has been conclusively proven that massaging the breasts is very beneficial for health .

In addition, it is the ideal natural breast enlargement , especially for women with small breasts . There is an extra cup size if you have the discipline to perform the breast massage frequently enough. This is a practice that has existed for a long time and is part of the Tao tradition.


What are the benefits of a breast massage?

A breast massage has many advantages :

  • Stimulates blood circulation to breasts

    • accumulated lymph fluid can drain. Extra necessary when a bra is worn for a long time

    • skin remains firmer and loses elasticity less quickly (particularly useful for larger breasts)

  • Helps condition pectoral muscles and improves breast size and shape

  • Makes the skin soft, supple and resilient

  • Balancing effect on hormones and increased prolactin production:

    • breast enlargement hormone activated by regular stimulation via breast and nipple massage

    • develops mammary glands and urges breasts to store fatty tissue

  • Reduces breast tenderness during menstruation

  • Check for lumps and bumps and reduction of cysts and fibroids

  • Helps reduce scars and stretch marks

  • Emotional effects: promotes relaxation, reduces feelings of stress


Breasts and emotions

Breasts are very strongly connected to emotions , especially feelings of affection and security. Sore breasts often indicate a lack of this. When women keep too many energies and emotions to themselves, they are not processed and therefore stored. It often happens that cysts manifest themselves since the natural energetic flow is also hindered. Wearing a bra for a long time can add to this and can even significantly increase the risk of breast cancer. A loving breast massage can provide emotional relief here.

A good example of emotional connection is having ever experienced a tingling sensation accompanied by milk discharge. It happens that women continue to react to this when they hear a baby cry, even after menopause.

Breasts in their natural state are the center of love , located on both sides of our spiritual heart (anahata chakra). They represent the external expression of our heart energy. They are also sensual and orgasmic. A breast orgasm / nipple orgasm is therefore one of the possible types of orgasm within tantra, and what kind!


If, in addition to massage, you are looking for other methods to get and keep your breasts in optimal shape, you can find many exercises and postures online that have a positive effect on chest muscles and chest skin, both in the world of fitness and, for example, yoga. .

A breast massage is a limited part of the basic treatment. If you want a more extensive treatment I offer for you the Tantric massage treatment.

Breast Massage
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