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Green Heaven Energy Male Massage / Pre-Intermediate Level

Are you having problems in your relationship or with yourself?

Do you want to be satisfied with yourself?

Do you need more self confidence?

Do you want to be more successful?

Do you often feel low or sad?

Do you think your life could be better?

Do you want to change what you have been so far?

Do you want to perform better for your partner?

Do you want to discover new things in your sexuality? Do you need more sexual energy?

Are you seeking new experiences in your body?

Whether you are having specific problems or just want “more” in your sexual life, tantric massage is a great means for you. In this therapy, my touch is delicate and sensuous, at times passionate and fervent, at other times strong and slightly painful, but only to circulate your sexual energies that are trapped in your body. These energies must reach every point of your body so you can release any unnecessary energy by breathing and through the meridian points. This flow of energy heals your emotional problems and opens your body for new sensations. Your job is to discover these miracles in your body. My job is to accompany you along this process with my experiences and presence.


What you can discover with this massage

- Relaxation, a sense of peace and joy (for days after the massage)

- A sense of relief and vigour in your whole body

- Getting rid of physical pains and discomfort

- Clearing emotional blockages, getting rid of spiritual pains

- Increased sexual appeal

- A sense of rejuvenation

- Confidence and determination in your relationships

- Wise realisations of little things in your life and the ultimate questions of life

This session is for you if you’d like to get into the state of deep meditation and liberation. You will feel relieved that we are both naked and we accept each other’s vulnerability. By the end of this session, you’ll regain your consciousness with clear mind and quiet thoughts.

Please note that time goes by differently in this deep meditative state, according to my experience   I recommend you longer sessions.

Genital area and lingam energetic massage

We are both naked.

Flow of love energy.

Full body energetic and relaxation massage

 Application of warm organic, fragrance-free coconut oil


1-way massage, no caressing in return. Just relax and try to be the receptive of this process.


Before our session, the preparation of this sacred space takes place with candles, essential oils, space-purifying incense and soft music to provide proper room forboth of us.The session begins with a short welcoming and energy-cleansing ritual where the energy flow starts and the stress energies are released from your body.


Please take the time to choose the most suitablelength and type of massage.


Duration of treatment:

2 hours : $490

3 hours : $590

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