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About Us

We founded Greenheaven massage with the intention of sharing the magic of healing ourselves in the most holistic and honest way possible.

We believe that anyone can achieve the highest healing for their physical and energetic body by looking within and creating a practice for themselves that is filled with intention and patience.

Today, more and more people claim to offer spiritual services, but very few actually offer true spirituality: the healthy and balanced energy that God gave everyone before birth. Healing another person's body and soul is a skill that few can use with integrity. It is important to bring spiritual awareness into our existence to maintain our souls’s balance.

Whichever of our services you choose, we will give our God-given consciousness with all the love of our heart and soul, using the best of our abilities.

Our goal is to strengthen and restore your whole body and soul as soon as possible. Since we are not God, we also need a few sessions to learn about you, e.g. deep depression, trauma or physical (health) changes, because you have to be part of this process as well.

Our massage techniques promote recovery, release, and understanding depression, anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, various joint and body pains. In addition, we can also do a lot for prevention for the healthy and harmonious life of your body.

Tundi & Tom
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