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Erotic Floating Massage

Erotic massage has its place in a person's life in the same way as any other type of massage by keeping the boundaries. 

 The world has developed interests, and everyone wants to experience something different. Someone just wants peace of mind with a little energy arrangement. Someone needs more than that because they haven't been able to process or let go of something yet, there is a lot of stress in their life, or they are ill and they want to be physically and mentally cleansed and calmed down.

 These people take part in my Tantra massages. You can find it in the service menu.

 There is a group of interested people who want to experience deeper processes in their sexuality because they are now concerned with their sexuality.

 Maybe they didn't receive any sexual education in their childhood and don't know how sexual energy works, what causes the awakening of sexual desire, and how to experience it. 

 Then there are those who got lost in the world of adult movies and think that they need to experience "beauty/pleasure" as orgasm as often as possible. It's also a station.

 And there are those who really want to experience sexual energy, but for some reason they are not able to because they are shy, they are not satisfied with their physical features and they want to practice self-acceptance.

 Erotic massage does not mean that we awaken the sexual energy by "exciting" the penis, but by touching the erogenous zones on the body, breathing and talking. 

 With this massage, you can take a big step towards your development. 

 However, for this, you need to be able to experience your inherent sexuality and resolve and heal this inhibition or trauma if you have it.

 Whatever is the reason behind of why you now decide to come to this kind of session, you are certainly not reading it by accident, and you can be sure that you will not be disappointed.

What results can you expect?

We know the sexual energy is also the energy of life.

 First of all, let's both jump into the session free of expectations and judgments.

 It is important to emphasize that a tantric or erotic massage only makes sense if you let go of your expectations with yourself and with me as your masseuse. Under no circumstances will your erotic or sexual energy massage session consist of your usual adult videos or your usual sexuality because I DO NOT PROVIDE SEXUAL SERVICES!

 Since I focus on your sexual energy, I will make sure that you will more actively, more forcefully, and longer experience and channel the sexual energy generated in your lower abdomen, instead of getting you well excited and concentrating on orgasm as quickly as possible, then you release the sexual energy (ejaculate).

 I know places where masseuses do this. But this is not that type of erotic massage I give.

  You are not paying for a quick pleasure with a happy ending. If that's what you want, then this service is not for you.

 Of course, everyone has their own desires and ideas, as well as needs, but if we don't let them go, then the massage makes almost no sense. We can only work together with acceptance and love. During the session, you are the submissive, and I am the dominant. You can't tell me what will have to happen during the session. But you may have respectful requests and questions.

 Naturally, the good thing about this massage is that those who do not want to retain the built-up sexual energy as in the Tantra massage, they experience an uplifting feeling at the given moment when the time has come, the ejaculation happens with wonderful feelings, releases, often with the body shaking.

 During this time, you may experience those desires within yourself that will lead you to wanting to talk to me about your desires, your feelings, but it's best for you to go with the flow and try to live for the holy moment. 

 The goal is to build sexual energy as high as possible by channeling it in your body. At every moment, we only pay attention to our body and concentrate our energy on our skin and breathe together. With this, I help you reach yourself and your inner desires. and be able to rest in a deeply relaxed state after ejaculation.

 Like the tantric massage, this massage is unpredictable, as it is often pleasant and relaxing, but at other times, strong and intense. It can never be the same. 

 Why is it needed? 

 Erotic massage is a very powerful, experiential form of massage that requires sexual awareness. Like I said, it's not about a sex worker or a quick hand job with a happy ending. This gives you many more exciting experiences that you must try and practice.

 Unfortunately, there are more and more people who cannot live up to their sexuality or live in bad marriages or are single and cannot live up to their sexuality properly, thus the sexual energies cannot flow in the body, which results in stress, nervousness, blocks in the body, and even diseases can occur. as a result, separations, disagreements, and divorce will follow.

 I'll write again that well-flowed sexual energy is important. I send this message to wives and husbands as well. You have to learn to awaken and channel the sexual energy well. We also teach this in our studio privately.

 I know from experience because I was also in this situation and had to learn to channel my sexual energies.

  You are surrounded by technology all day, and the rush is natural, so you won't be able to switch off at night. That's why we don't pay attention to our basic needs, our inner voice. 

 Massage, on the other hand, offers a great solution for relaxation and acceptance of human touch. 

 I ask all my clients coming for an erotic massage to use the service at their own risk.

  I am not responsible for any disputes that may arise with the spouses who participated in the erotic massage session.

 The massage does not include any sexual services!


My erotic massage is very enjoyable, and you will leave completely relaxed and truly satisfied. I don't say my massage is the best because we are all different, but I know you will love working with me. 


If you booked long enough time for the session, I am sure your time spent with me will not be rushed, and you’ll leave feeling refreshed and satisfied.

I take pride in offering a very high-quality massage experience. I love what I do, and I have done it with skill for more than 18 years. Well, I am European, and I know I'm a different kind of masseuse. But you know what? You tell me your opinion after the session. Please try my service if you are interested!


I look forward to meeting with you soon...

With love, Tundi

60 mins : $175

60 mins (both naked) : $275

90 mins : $260

90 mins (both naked) : $410

60 mins with prostate : $235

60 mins with prostate (both naked) : $335

90 mins with prostate : $320

90 mins with prostate (both naked): $470

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