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Dear Valuable Clients and Visitors!

Our studio is celebrating 6th anniversary. 

We will celebrating with new prices all month long in this June. 

This discounted prices available on all sessions what booked by online or text message and paid by eTransfer or cash! 


Namaste, WE welcome the God within YOU

Welcome to Greenheaven massage


The Green Heaven massage studio is operated to promote spirituality, mental-physical well being for ladies and gentlemen who want to experience the healing, recovery, and uplifting processes.It is recommended for those who have already started on the path of self-transformationbut still want to practiceenergy flow, consciousness, letting go, forgiveness, self-love, self-acceptance, and sexual energy flow. So, this place is the most suitable spot for your private retreat, a luxurious, peaceful island where you can connect with yourself, rest, relax, clear your mind and recharge your energy systemto become more active than before.



Tantra is a comprehensive spiritual path for the evolution of the human soul and consciousnessfrom Ancient India.We combine it with a soft-touch massage that takes you to a heavenly dimension and creates a feeling of euphoria and ecstasy in the whole body. If you have any tension, stress, or pain, this massage can release stress, fear, sadness, anger, unforgiveness, energies that are stuck in your energy field and block the flow of energy.And because of this fact you experience mental weakness, lack of energy, irritability. If this goes for you too, then this mini retreat is just for you. In fact, it is not only a "massage" but a wonderful spiritual self experience.


In fact, people are looking forinner peace and happiness but in the wrong place. They seek it from the outside but actually it is found inside, within ourselves.

Even in the case of harmony and complete health this massage is still recommended to relax and keep your energetic system clean. We have to constantly clean it in order to stay healthy.


Leave the outside world behind you for a while and let this sacred space delve into you to regain your deprived energy and vitality.

I can't actually heal you, but I can guide you on the path of autotherapy.

Pleasure is self respect and respect for the therapist in this spiritual session.

We honour the divinity in each other. This slow process done by my affectionate, gentle, sensual touch,ignites an energetic cleansing in you, which is supported bymeditation, breathing and soft sensual massage.

This is called kundalini (sexual) energy. This way you can clear your blockages. You cannot experience this feeling during a normal massage, because the focus there is not on raising counsciousness, but on stimulating the muscles.

Our studio provides a safe and sacred space for you to have a peaceful experience.

The almost dark place, the lighting of the candles and salt lamps, the Indian scents, the essential oils, the soft, relaxing Indian music and last but not least me, your therapist, accompany and support you throughout this process.




I am a qualifiedTantra masseuse, your massage therapist. I treat you with unconditional, pure love and respect and I don't expect any touch or words from you in return during the massage.

You are the passive receiver. This means that you receive the touch, energy and soothing thoughts I provide you. With my support you receive and run the energies that have awoken inside you. Please accept that this is not an erotic massage. This is much more than that.

Please keep in mind that time goes by differently when practicing tantra, so longer sessions are recommended to fully immerse ourselves in the energy of the divine present moment, where we can connect on a deeper level.


If you feel the call to a Tantra massage, energy cleansing, we look forward to welcoming you to our studio.

Tundi and Tom

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